XC Basics

MCXC Basics

  • Races are 3 miles long
  • Courses differ based on where the meet is being held
  • Top 5 runners are scored based on place, lowest score wins
  • We a part of the Bay League
  • We are a Division 1 school
  • Bay League race order: JV Boys, Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys, JV Girls, Frosh Boys, Frosh Girls
  • Invitational race order is decided by who is hosting the meet, schedules will be posted
  • Students can be picked up from Invitationals only AND only if an Alternate Transportation Form has been provided to the Coach
  • Athletes should hydrate (water) throughout the day
  • Avoid dairy night before and day of race
  • Athletes should bring water and food (protein bar, sandwich, fruit, etc.) to meets
  • Avoid junk food (soda, chips, fast food, etc.) before running
  • Practice does not have a set ending time because workouts vary
  • Athletes should bring warm clothing (sweats/warm-ups) to meets
  • Race day prep includes warm-up, stretching, drills, strides, and cool-down
  • Athletes are allowed to start wearing racing flats during their sophomore year
  • A pair of running shoes typically lasts 350 miles (3-4 months)
  • Athletes should speak to their coach or the trainer (Tim) if they feel an injury
  • Every member of the team is held accountable for their responsibilities as a student athlete



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