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Mira Costa XC Course 3miles 2021

Cool Breeze 2020 MAP

Masters University XC Course

Mira Costa XC Course

Riverside City Cross Country Course

2016 Redondo Course Map

South Bay Cup Map

2017 Woodbridge Course Map

2017 Laguna Course Map

Cool Breeze Invite Course

Santa Clarita Invite

Woodbridge Course Map

2014 South Bay Cup Revised Map

Polliwog Course Map

Stanford Course Map

2014 Redondo Bay League Course


Columbia Park, Torrance

Central Park, Huntington Beach

Entradero Park, Torrance 2011 Course  2010 Course

Fountain Valley

Laguna Hills Course

Mt SAC Course Map

PV 2 Mile Course

Palos Verdes Original Course Map 2010 October 2 Mile Course 2010 Nov Modified 3 Mile CourseThe course is the same as always, other than the first left turn is no longer sharp and through the finish line. It is the gradual pathway that parallels the side of the baseball field. As a result, the finish line has been moved down the hill towards PV Dr West, but will obviously be well marked. The 1 mile mark is at the very top of the Forest Hill Trail. The 2 mile mark is in nearly the same point as the one mile mark, where the upper trail after the top of Agony Hill joins the lower trail from Forest Hill. Both points will be well marked for you on Thursday. The total distance is 3.00 miles.

Woodward Park Course Map