Woodbridge Cross Country Classic Results

Woodbridge Cross Country Classic Results
Meet Website
Race Photos from photosina.com: professional photos searchable post race via bib number

Click link for individual results
Novice Girls: led by top finisher Pilar Dugard
Frosh Boys: 5th place team, led by 9th place finisher Drew Martin
Soph Boys: 18th place team, led by top finisher Hatcher Johnson
Junior Boys: led by top finisher Caleb Wallis
Senior Boys: 5th place team, led by Alec Bailey
JV Girls: 1st place team, led by 2nd place finisher Amanda Murch
Frosh Girls: 6th place team, led by top finisher Nicole Murch
Soph Girls: 3rd place team, led by top finisher Anna Iantuono
Varsity Girls B: 2nd place team, led by Tia Pappas in 5th place
Varsity Boys B: 8th place team, led by top finisher Caleb Hong
Girls Varsity Sweeps: 13th place team, led by 9th place finisher Dalia Frias
Boys Varsity Sweeps: 10th place team, led by top finisher Cormac Carew

Pictures (top left Soph girls, top right freshman boys, bottom middle JV girls)

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Cool Breeze Results

Congrats to Billy Atkinson on having the fastest time of the evening and winning the Varsity Boys Sundown Showdown!  Congrats to Dalia Frias on coming in 2nd in the Varsity Girls Sundown Showdown with the 2nd fastest time of the evening! 

JV Girls: Congrats to the JV girls on coming in first as a team, led by Ella Scalabrin in 3rd place, Carmen Mel in 4th place, Angela Diaz in 10th, Lucy Kosmos in 11th and Amanda Murch in 19th place!
JV Boys: Congrats to the JV boys on coming in 10th as a team led by Aidan Vellaca in 2nd!
Frosh-Soph Girls: Congrats to the Frosh/Soph girls on coming in 7th as a team, led by Lucca Franz in 24th place!
Sophomore Boys: Congrats to the Sophomore boys on coming in 4th as a team led by Max Levin in 11th place!
Freshman Boys: Congrats to the Freshmen boys on coming in 6th as a team led by Drew Martin in 20th place!
Seeded Races: Sundown Showdown
Varsity Girls: Congrats to the girls varsity on coming in 4th as a team led by Dalia Frias in 2nd!
Varsity Boys: Congrats to the boys varsity on coming in 3rd as a team led by race winner Billy Atkinson!

MCXC and the Manhattan Beach 10K      REGISTER NOW
The MB10K Race Committee would like to figure out a way to give back to our organization through MBX.  They are asking us to have all athletes, parents and friends of MCXC select our club (listed under LOCAL RUN CLUB MEMBERS: which one? * on the registration screen) when you register. They want to track how many of those affiliated with MCXC register for this year’s race.

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Welcome to the 2019 Season & First Meet Results!

PV MINI MEET Results Congrats to Billy Atkinson and Max Levin on their individual wins and Dalia Frias and Iyanah Samayoa on coming in 2nd.

For those of you who couldn’t make the parent meeting, here are the to-do’s! Parent Packet LINK

  1. Sign up to volunteer LINK
  2. MBX Donation LINK for Fair Share or print out FORM to mail.
  3. Parent Shirts, license plate frame and yard sign sales contact Hilary Skinner
  4. Sign up for our eblasts HERE
  5. Join our Parent GroupMe HERE
  6. Print out, sign and return alternate transportation FORM to coaches if you want to take your athlete home on your own post meet.
  7. Print out, sign and return  Team Expectations Form to coaches.
  8. If your athlete doesn’t have a uniform yet, contact Anne Torres and/or Elizabeth Cervantes ASAP!!
  9. Cal Pro Spirit Gear store is now closed.
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Cross Country Summer Happenings

Past DUE! Athletic Clearance Packets Due with current physical that covers the whole academic year (physicals are good for 1 year from the date they were done)
Detailed Instructions HERE: There are TWO steps involved–1) Registering  your student on 8to18 and 2) Turning in hard copies of the Athletic Emergency Form and Physical Form to the Admin Office under respective season (Yellow – Fall , Blue – Winter, Green – Spring) and in the correct sports folder.

Sign up to help out at the Watermelon Run (XC Try-outs) held at Polliwog Park HERE

August 3rd International Surf Festival:  Results

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CIF State Cross Country Championships Results

Division I Boys Results
Division I Girls Results

Congratulations to MCXC athletes and coaches on well run seasons!

The boys placed 11th as a team against all the Division 1 schools in the state. They were led by Cy Chittenden in 30th place, Cole Gamble a few seconds back in 37th place, Cormac Carew in 112th place, Alex Fiorito in 121st place, JP Soares in 139th place, and Thomas Velvin & Aidan Velleca finishing together in 161st & 162nd place.

The girls topped the podium in 3rd place against all the Division 1 schools in the state!  They were led by freshmen Dalia Frias in 8th place with a time of 17:53 which is 7th all-time for Costa. Lucy Atkinson followed in 36th place, Brooke Inouye in 48th place, Cara Chittenden in 64th place, Pnina Tofler in 76th place, Carmen Mel in 112th place and Olivia Hacohen in 122nd place.

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CIF Finals Results

Boys Varsity
Girls Varsity

MCXC is headed to the State Meet!  Congrats to both teams on qualifying for the 2018 CIF State Cross Country Championship!  The boys team placed 6th as a team, with Cy Chittenden leading the way in 8th place, followed by Cole Gamble in 23rd, Cormac Carew in 47th, JP Soares in 84th, Alex Fiorito in 105th, Thomas Velvin in 107th and Aidan Velleca in 162nd.  The girls team placed 3rd as at team, led by Dalia Frias in 12th, Lucy Atkinson in 28th, Brooke Inouye in 35th, Carmen Mel in 58th, Cara Chittenden in 64th, Pnina Tofler in 69th and Olivia Hacohen in 71st.

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CIF Prelims Results

Congratulations to both teams on advancing to CIF Finals next Saturday, Nov 17th!  Dalia Frias and Cy Chittenden both individually won their heats and the girls’ team won their heat as well!  Next week the teams race for a berth at the State Meet in Fresno.  In order to qualify for the State Meet our teams need to place in the top 7.  A maximum of five individual finishers who are not members of qualifying teams and who finish in the first twenty places in their respective divisions, will also advance to the State Championships.

Girls Varsity FULL RESULTS

Finish Results finish line PICTURES

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Bay League Finals Results

Bay League Finals FULL RESULTS

Congratulations to our 2018 Bay League Champions!

Varsity Girls Bay League Team Champions
led by individual champion Dalia Frias, Lucy Atkinson in 3rd, Brooke Inouye just a second behind in 4th despite losing a shoe early in the race!, Pnina Tofler and Piper Newton closing well in 7th and 9th place. 



Varsity Boys Team takes 2nd Place led by individual champion Cy Chittenden, Cole Gamble in 6th, Thomas Velvin in 9th, Cormac Carew in 11th and Alex Fiorito in 17th place.



JV Boys Bay League Team Champions led by Will Garrell in 2nd, JP Soares in 3rd, Blake Hampton in 8th, Caleb Hong in 9th and Will Beck in 14th place.



JV Girls Bay League Team Champs led by individual champion Carmen Mel, Cara Chittenden in 2nd, Tia Pappas in 4th, Ally Doyle in 5th, Cassidy George in 7th and teammate Julia Vazquez barely a hair behind in 8th.


Freshmen Boys Bay League Team Champions led by individual champion Nolan Parker, Seamus O’Meara in 2nd, Hatcher Johnson in 6th, Harrison Sanders in 9th, and Siguard Thune in 12th.



Freshmen Girls team takes 2nd place led by Kayla Kershaw in 2nd, Lucca Franz in 4th, Marissa Andrade in 9th, Sarah Mcdonald in 11th, and Anna Iantuono in 13th.



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Warrior Mile Results

Warrior Mile Results
Warrior Mile Results with Splits

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Mt SAC Results

Race Results
Race 41 Girls JV 6th place team finish led by Amanda Costley in 16th place
Race 42 Boys JV 11th place team finish led by Cole Konis in 22nd place
Race 44 Boys JV Champs 8th place team finish led by Russel Blakey in 26th place
Race 45 Girls JV Champs 2nd place team finish led by Jasmin Peterman in 2nd place
Race 46 Boys Individual Sweeps 4th place team finish led by Cy Chittenden in 7th place
Race 49 Girls Team Sweeps 5th place team finish led by Dalia Frias in 11th place
Race 58 Boys Freshmen 5th place team finish led by Nolan Parker in 7th place
Race 59 Girls Freshmen 4th place team finish led by Kayla Kershaw in 11th place
Race 60 Boys Sophomore 10th place team finish led by Ethan Silagan in 40th place
Race 63 Girls Sophomore 1st place team finish led by Cassidy George in 3rd place!

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