MCXC Summer Updates

2021 Dick Fitzgerald Sand Run is ON this year!!! Mark your calendars for July 31st 8 am and register TODAY!! REGISTER HERE

Cross Country Try-Outs will be held on Monday, August 23rd.

Check out our preliminary 2021 season schedule HERE!

Daily Green Screen Check-in for On-Campus Training


  1. Open the Camera app from the Home screen, Control Center or Lock screen.
  2. Hold your device so that the QR code appears in the viewfinder in the Camera app.
  3. Your device should recognize the QR code and show a notification, taking you to the screening
    webpage. You may have to go to your Settings app and enable QR Code scanning.
  4. If the QR code does not take you to the webpage, you can access it by visiting

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MCXC – Returning to Practice


Watch Dr. Dale’s Message to Athletes:

Read the below information provided to athletes in Dr. Dale’s Costa Connected, Vol. 9.:

On August 10, L.A. County released guidelines allowing for schools to reopen athletics. Costa is now ready to move forward, as we have taken steps to maximize student and employee safety, and we have addressed all of the state and county requirements for re-opening.

Cross Country will re-open in the near future. It is important that everyone work
together to do this the right way. We will continue to follow guidelines, and update
them as the COVID situation evolves.

MCXC coaching staff have met with the administration to discuss in-person conditioning, and to review the protocols and set a start date.

In order to return to participate in these in-person after school workouts,
athletes are asked to submit the following:

1. Complete the 8to18 registration for athletes by clicking HERE.
a. Print the emergency card.
b. Print the physical form. If an athlete already has one on file, they
are good for one calendar year.

2. Proof of a negative COVID test (see yellow box to the right for resources). If
you do not have insurance to cover the test and do not want to pay for the
test, fill out this FORM and Costa will work with you on a testing solution.

3. A completed participation waiver. Click HERE to download the waiver.

4. Once completed, place the emergency card, physical form, negative
COVID test, and participation waiver in a sealed envelope and turn in to
the collection box just inside the front office at Mira Costa between 8-4 on

For general guidance on completing the Athletic Packet, click HERE. An athlete who
chooses to not participate at this time will continue to be provided synchronous
and asynchronous workouts for their sport.

Under the current guidelines, athletes will be assigned to a cohort of 12
athletes in one sport. Once assigned, athletes will remain in that cohort unFl the
county cohorting guidelines change. Therefore, multi-sport athletes will need to
pick one of their sports to begin training. When the County guidelines remove the
cohorting requirement, athletes will be able to participation again in multiple sports.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of following guidelines and
reopening the right way – for everyone’s safety.


Ingress/Egress Protocol
In summary –
1.    Mask upon entering.
2.    Show green screen to coach or trainer at entrance.
3.    Proceed directly to training location and maintain 6 foot distance always.
4.    Hand sanitize and disinfect equipment at beginning and end of session.
5.    Mask kept on through training and exit.

1.    Athletes will be approved to participate after verification that they have submitted all documents required in the Mira Costa Athletic Clearance Program to include proof of insurance, a current athletic physical, and a negative COVID test.

2.    Athletes enter with masks on. Coaches will be provided with extra disposable masks for students who lose or damage their mask.

3.    Each day, every athlete will complete the pre-screen questions by clicking HERE. At this point, the app only provides the choice of “parent or guardian” or employee. Student will select “parent or guardian.” Athletes will have their green screen out and visible as they enter. The coach or trainer at the entrance will verify correct time stamps on the green screen. Attendance will be entered into a Google Doc each day.

4.    After entering with green screen verified by a coach, the athlete will proceed directly to their training area as outlined on the schedule. If athletes are in cohorts they will know their cohort spot and proceed directly. Once in their training spot, the athlete will maintain 6 feet distance from all other persons.

5.    Athletes will drop their personal gear at their training location and immediately use hand sanitizer. Under the direct supervision of coaches, they will then wipe down any equipment that will be shared with a sanitizing wipe. Once they have entered, arrived at their training location, and properly sanitized, they may begin stretching and training. To exit, each athlete will return to their personal equipment, use hand sanitizer, wipe down their shared equipment and exit directly from the training area. Athletes who arrive late will enter the facility the same as all athletes and report directly to their pre-screen area.

6.    Coaches will be offered two cloth masks, a face shield, gloves, sanitizing spray/wipes, and hand sanitizer for their use. Coaches will have a mask that covers their mouth and nose from the moment they exit their car at the training area to the moment they re-enter their car to leave the training area. Cloth masks will be washed before using on another day.

7.    Athletes will wear their masks from entrance to exit as well, unless engaged in solo physical exertion (such as jogging by one’s self). Players should take a break from exercise if any difficulty breathing is noted and should change their mask or face covering if it becomes wet and sticks to the player’s face and obstructs breathing.

8.    As outlined in the County Cohort Guidance Document, stable cohorts are groups of students, with the same supervising adult(s), that stay together throughout the day. The cohort must operate so that students and supervising adults within the group only have physical proximity with members of their cohort during the day. Supervising adults and students must not interact with other cohorts. This practice decreases opportunities for exposure to or transmission of the virus’ facilitates more efficient contact tracing in the event of a positive case; and allows for targeted testing, quarantine, and isolation of a cohort instead of requiring the suspension of all such groups operating on a site in the event of a positive case or cluster of cases.

9.    If a student becomes ill, parent or guardian should call their physician for guidance. They must also notify their school attendance and/or health office.

10.    All coaches are directed to follow guidelines set forth in Dr. Suzanne Webb’s August 16 memo, “Safely Reporting to Work, COVID-19 Safe Practices.”

11.    Athletes will bring their own water bottles, and may not share water with another athlete. Coaches should have disposable water bottles available at practice for emergency situations.

12.    Restroom facilities are marked with a red dot on the map. Coaches will release athletes one at a time to the restroom nearest their practice facility. Athletes are encouraged to use the restroom immediately prior to reporting to practice. Locker rooms will not be open.

13.    The Principal, Assistant Principal, and Athletic Director will be reviewing practices to make certain all protocols are being followed. If protocols are repeatedly not being followed, training for that sport will be cancelled. If coaches need immediate support, they can reach administrators, the Athletic Director, or security at the phone numbers listed on page 2.

14.    No spectators.

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State Championships Results and end of 2019-2020 Season

Banquet Slideshow (best viewed on a computer or YouTube app in 1080p HD)

2019 Meet Program

Congrats to Dalia Frias and Billy Atkinson on their top individual performances!  Dalia placed 3rd individually while Billy ran to a 5th place finish.  Both athletes were the 10th fastest times of the day, respectively!  Way to go Mustangs!!

Race Results
Girls Varsity: 5th place team finish led by Dalia’s 3rd place finish followed by Ella Parsley & Tia Pappas coming in right under 19 minutes in 62nd & 70th place, Carmen Mel in 100th and Heather Jensen in 105th.
Boys Varsity (Billy Atkinson only) Congrats to Billy Atkinson on his stand-out individual run, placing 5th place overall in a school-record time of 15:08.3.

Division 1 – 5th in the State

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CIF Finals Results

Congrats to the girls team and Billy Atkinson on qualifying to the State Meet!
Varsity Girls Congrats on placing 7th as a team and qualifying for the State XC Championships!  Dalia Frias led the team in 2nd place, followed by Ella Parsley and Tia Pappas in 45th & 47th, Pnina Tofler in 70th and Jasmin Peterman in 112th.
Varsity Boys Congrats to Billy Atkinson on his 4th place finish, earning him an individual berth to the State XC Championships!  He led the boys to a 10th place team finish.  He was followed by Colin Beale in 54th, Alex Fiorito in 62nd, Thomas Velvin in 82nd and Caleb Hong in 115th.

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Bay League Finals Results

Congrats to all of our runners and coaches on a well run season!  Good luck to our varsity teams moving onto CIF prelims next week to compete for a berth to the State XC Finals!

JV Boys Results: Bay League JV Team Champs led by race winner Aidan Velleca  and followed closely by Blake Hampton in 2nd and Hatcher Johnson, Max Levin and Cole Konis in 4-6th position.
Varsity Girls Results: Bay League Champs led by Tia Pappas, Kayla Kershaw,  Pnina Tofler, Ella Parsley in 5th-8th place, Jasmin Peterman in 11th place, Piper Newton in 13th place and Julia Vazquez in 17th place. Girls Interview
Varsity Boys Results: Bay League Champs led by Billy Atkinson in 3rd, Cormac Carew and Alex Fiorito in 5th and 6th, Colin Beale in 9th, Seamus O’Meara in 14th, and Thomas Velvin and Caleb Hong in 16th & 17th place.  Billy Atkinson Interview
JV Girls Results: Bay League JV Team Champs led by race winner Carmen Mel, followed closely by Lucca Franz in 2nd, Cassidy George in 3rd, Anna Iantuono in 5th, and Ella Scalabrini in 7th.
Freshmen Boys Results: 2nd place team finish led by race winner Drew Martin followed by Kai Graham in 3rd, Jude Graham in 14th, Sean Alliegro in 16th, and Adam Muwakki in 19th.
Freshmen Girls Results: Bay League Frosh Team Champs led by race winner Heather Jensen, Iyanah Samayoa in 2nd, Anna Chittenden in 3rd and Nicole Murch & Bianca Haley in 5th and 6th.


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Mt SAC Invitational & Warrior Mile Results

PDF results  HERE

Boys Freshman 5th place team finish led by Kai Graham and Drew Martin in 5th and 6th place
Girls Freshman 4th place team finish led by Reece Riley in 19th place
Boys Sophomore 4th place team finish led by Seamus O’Meara in 4th place
Girls Sophomore 7th place team finish led by Anna Iantuono in 9th place
Boys JV no team result
Girls JV 3rd place team finish led by Julia Vazquez in 13th place
Boys Varsity 10th place team finish led by Faris Succari
Girls Varsity 1st place team finish led by Tia Pappas in 4th, Kayla Kershaw in 7th, Ella Parsley in 17th, Pnina Tofler in 18th, and Jasmin Peterman in 20th.

Warrior Mile Results HERE

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Bay League 1 Results

JV Girls: JV girls placed 1st as a team with Ella Parsley and Lucca Franz leading the way in 1st and 2nd, Amanda Murch and Angela Diaz in 5th and 6th and Julia Vazquez rounding out the scoring in 5th.
Varsity Boys: 2nd place team finish led by Alex Fiorito in 3rd, followed by Cormac Carew and Thomas Velvin in 6th and 7th.
Varsity Girls: Congrats on a 1st place team finish paced by Dalia Frias in 1st, Tia Pappas in 5th and a solid pack of green and gold with Kayla Kershaw, Piper Newton, Jasmin Peterman, & Ella Scalabrini taking 7th through 10th place
JV Boys: Solid 1st place finish led by race winner Faris Succari, followed closely by Blake Hampton and Max Levin in 3rd & 4th, and Hatcher Johnson and Cole Konis in 7th and 10th.
Frosh Girls: Another 1st place finish for the girls team led by Anna Chittenden and Nicole Murch in 3rd and 4th, followed by a trio in 6th through 8th place of Bianca Haley, Reece Riley, and Heather Jensen.
Frosh Boys: 2nd place team finish led by Drew Martin in 2nd, Kai Graham in 5th and Sean Alliegro in 8th.

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Hole in the Wall Invite Results

Seattle Video courtesy of Coach Jeff

JV Girls– 6th place team finish led by Lucy Konsmo in 3rd & Lucca Franz in 8th
JV Boys – 1st place team finish paced by Cole Konis, Drew Martin and Hatcher Johnson in 2nd, 3rd and 4th, followed by Jonathan Graves and Jon Qi in 21st and 23rd place.
Girls Varsity B – 4th place team finish led by Ella Scalabrini in 28th place
Boys Varsity B – 4th place team finish led by Aidan Velleca in 18th place
Girls Varsity A – 6th place team finish led by Dalia Frias in 7th place
Boys Varsity A – 6th place team finish led by Cormac Carew in 25th place

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PV Invitational Results & MB 10K Results

Boys Freshman: 5th place team finish led by Sean Alliegro
Girls Freshmen: Congrats to our girls on the team win led by Nicole Murch
Boys JV: 9th place team finish
Girls JV: 3rd place team finish led by Ella Parsley

Manhattan Beach 10K Results: MCXC loves the 10K! Thanks for your enthusiastic support of this community event!

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Master’s University Invite Results

For full individual results click on links

Boys Varsity – Congrats on placing first as a team, with Thomas Velvin leading the charge in 3rd, followed by Cormac Carew in 6th, Alex Fiorito in 9th, Seamus O’Meara in 18th and Caleb Hong in 25th.
Girls Varsity – Congrat to Dalia Frias on winning the race and leading the team to a strong 2nd place finish, followed by Tia Pappas in 10th, Kayla Kershaw in 12th, Jasmin Peterman in 16th, Carmen Mel in 22nd and Pnina Tofler in 25th.
Boys Frosh/Soph – Congrats on a 2nd place team finish led by Drew Martin in 5th,  Hatcher Johnson in 7th, Kai Graham in 9th, Sean Alliegro in 24th and Jude Graham in 25th.
Girls Frosh/Soph – Congrats on a 1st place team finish led by Annie Iantuono, Nicole Murch and Reece Riley in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, followed by Sofia Cervantes in 6th and Dylan Oberst in 9th.
Boys Junior Varsity– Congrats on a 5th place team finish led by Jacob Lewin in 12th, followed by Jonathan Graves in 13th, Matt Worley in 32nd, Ryan Lewis 41st and Charlie Skinner in 52nd.
Girls Junior Varsity: Congrats on a 2nd place team finish led by Lucy Konsmo in 5th, and followed by Lauren Chiu, Kate Phillips, Holly Misley, and Laine Weston in 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th!

Thank you Velleca family for hosting the athletes for the pasta party!!

Pictures from Top Left – Girls Varsity Teams, Boy Varsity Teams, Boys JV

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